Assorted JUMBO Artisan JELLYBEANS (artisan collection)

Assorted JUMBO Artisan JELLYBEANS (artisan collection)

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You are in for a BIG treat when you order our Assorted Jumbo Artisan Jellybeans.  Are you a Jumbo jellybean lover that can't make up your mind about your favorite flavor, but enjoy a high quality, distinctive taste?   Then this Assorted Artisan collection of Jumbo Jellybeans is the choice for you. Our Artisan collection - Jumbo jellybeans come in 6 great robust flavors.  


Pineapple - Gold

7-UP Citrus - White Speckled 

Cherry - Red

Licorice - Black

Winterfresh - Teal

 Approximately 54 pieces per 12 oz bag


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Our Artisan Jumbo Jelly beans are a unique collection of 6 fantastic flavors.