The Wakarusa Dime Store has deep roots in the American dream.  Mose Wolfberg, a German immigrant, traveled much of Elkhart County and beyond with a pack on his back, selling his wares from farm to farm.  He eventually chose a permanent location for his budding business.  In 1907 Mose opened Wolfberg's Department Store in the small North-Central Indiana town of Wakarusa.  A variety store was soon added, which is today the Wakarusa Dime Store.

In the late 1960's the task was assigned to Lou Wolfberg,  Mose's son, to develop a candy for the new Maple Syrup Festival.  The Jumbo Jelly Beans were introduced in 1969 and 100 pounds were sold that year. The sweet treat developed by Lou Wolfberg has become more famous than he ever could have expected.  Today over 75 tons are sold annually.  Building a following world-wide, the Wakarusa Dime Store Jumbo Jellybeans have truly earned the title of  "World Famous". 

The Wolfberg family operated the store until 1983.  The current owners bought the store in 1995 and continue to run it with the same commitment to quality and tradition as Wolfberg did himself. With equal parts of fondness for yesterday and a vision for the future, the current owners have compiled the greatest assortment of fine candies along with nostalgic candies that will take you back in time to the days of your youth.  We invite you to step back in time as you peruse our website or visit our stores.