Are you looking for a great way to earn money? Let Us Be Part of Your Next Fundraiser! The WAKARUSA DIME STORE is thrilled to offer fundraising opportunities to our local community.  Email: or Give us a call today 574-862-4690 ask for Kasidee Kelly.


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Jumbo Jellybeans

Let Us Be Part of Your Next Fundraiser

As with any fundraiser, many questions are some answers.

What? You will be selling World Famous Wakarusa Dime Store Jumbo Jelly BeansTM, a sweet treat from a company committed to quality and taste.
Where? That part is up to you! From county fairs, local festivals, school or church bazaars...the options are pretty wide open.
How? Some groups choose to focus on pre-sales. Order forms are used to collect orders from friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors. Others choose to set up tables at local events.
Why? Time has proven that Jumbo Jelly Beans from the Wakarusa Dime StoreTM practically sell themselves! Many years have been spent establishing our name in the community and your "customers" know our product well.

For more information or to get started contact  Kasidee Kelly, our Fundraising Coordinator at

Good luck!

 The Wakarusa Dime Store partners with local hospital auxiliary fundraisers that contribute to community outreach. Contact us at 574-862-4690 to see how we can help with your fundraiser.



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