Our customers love to share stories and many times we find that they have a connection to Indiana or they have been to our candy stores that are located in Northern Indiana.

If you have been following our Facebook posts, you know that we meet such fun and interesting people from all over the country.  Our customers love to share their candy stories and many times they have been to one of our candy stores in Northern Indiana.

Mac and I have been spending our Winter months in Florida A few days a week we take our Jumbo Jellybeans and travel to farmer's markets in Central Florida.  We found it quite interesting that each and every time we sat up our booth, we met people that had been to our stores.  It got to be a bit of a game to see how long into the day it would take to meet someone who had been to our stores.  

So many people seem surprised when they see our banner and they make a bee line to our booth to see if it is really the Jumbo Jellybeans from the Wakarusa Dime Store.