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 " Indulging in an enjoyable recollection of past events" the dictionary definition of Reminiscing .

We invite you to reminisce with us - as you scroll through our pages of nostalgic candy  - We love to bring a smile to your face as you recall happy recollections, experiences and events. 


Jelly Nougat

Jelly Nougats-700x525.jpg
Jelly Nougats-700x525.jpg

Jelly Nougat

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Jelly Nougats are small creamy nougats with small fruity, flavorful jellies inside. While these are not the original Jelly Nougats they are very similar. Brach's is the current manufacturer of these delicious confections that have been around since the early 1900's. 

Flavor: Fruit
Weight: 1 pound, Approx. 40 pieces 

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